Bad habits are things that accompany us throughout our lifetime. They distinguish us from others, define and characterize our personality and, paradoxically, also unite us. We’d like to inherit and pass on the best of qualities, but as we get older, all the baggage our parents have passed on to us becomes more and more evident. Nevertheless, our social networks comprise not only our nuclear family, connected to us by close genetic roots, but other families of more distant “relations” as well – that’s what we often call individuals who are the proud bearers of some of our own bad habits.

This year marks the 200th birthday of the founder of genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel, and on the occasion we’d like to offer you a unique chance to find and get to know the „relations“ you might not have known existed. All you have to do is register your bad habits in the largest collection (the only one in the world), the National Collection of Bad Habits!

And what does the future hold?

In the fall, we’re going to start sorting all the data that will have been entered in “Mendel’s Table of Bad Habits,” which will be our first important output – a website dealing with bad habits on a scale without parallel in the world. It will be followed by the Encyclopaedia of Bad Habits, an attempt to put the bad habits into book form. The book will be an alphabetically arranged dictionary of bad habits, clearly arranged under category headings. The form of the book will be based on Mendel’s Table of Bad Habits, but at the same time it will be significantly enriched by a more detailed treatment of selected bad habits.

The project will culminate in the COLLECTION OF NATIONAL BAD HABITS FESTIVAL, which will take place on the occasion of the 2023 Mendel Festival in the centre of Brno and will be the symbolic culmination of the yearlong celebration of the founder of genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel. Participants in the live, large-format, hands-on event will have a unique opportunity to find their „distant relatives“ in Brno – that’s what we call individuals who are proud of some of the bad habits that we ourselves have.

You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of – even Mendel had his bad habits.

Our definition of a bad habit:
A bad habit is a behavior of a person or a group of people, which is repeated and annoying. A bad habit might be seen differently by each person – for instance, someone is bothered by regular housecleaning and somebody appreciates it.